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    For example: Frontline Documentary "Breaking the Bank" that proves the irresponsibility and bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers (with John Kasich) was a major cause of the economic meltdown throughout the entire country.
  4. Present effective solution.
    For example: Do not vote for Wall Street crooks, cronies, and cowards having no courage or common sense.

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    Effective solution to jobs (and profits) being shipped overseas


Effective solution to jobs (and profits) being shipped overseas

Courageous Conservatives:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on a topic that so many talk about during political campaigns. We all hear lots of Whining, itching (Dr. Laura prefixes that with the letter B), and Complaining about jobs (and profits) being shipped overseas.

Many of those who complain loudly own a foreign automobile that was either made overseas or for which the profits go overseas. Yes, that includes Honda, Toyota, and others because, even though some of those vehicles are produced in America, the profits go overseas.

How can anyone owning a foreign automobile have the nerve to stick one of those "Support Our Troops" bumper stickers to it when they won't even support their own country, and thus our troops, by purchasing American automobiles? Is that some sort of a cruel joke?

And what about those who have one of those "God Bless America" bumper stickers stuck to their foreign automobile? How can they expect God to Bless America when they won't even purchase American automobiles?
Don't these people think before they put a bumper sticker on their foreign car, truck, van, SUV, or motorcycle?

My required effective solution to the problem of jobs being shipped overseas is now presented.
The following steps should be performed when any company is forced to let people go:

  1. The Human Resources Department people simply walk out to the parking lot.
  2. Company employees who drive a foreign automobile are the first to go and they get NO severance pay.

Just imagine how much that would boost our national economy that the irresponsible and bankrupt Lehman Brothers and John Kasich helped to destroy.
See that Frontline documentary "Breaking the Bank" for the solid evidence about that.


I believe that if we would simply enforce the immigration laws (and stop that bi-lingual bull !@#$ etcetera), there would be money available for public health care for all (American) kids.
Private health care would still be available for those who prefer and pay for that.

Just like public schools are available for all (American) kids (and private schools are available for those who prefer and pay for that), there should be public health care available for all (American) kids.

An added benefit to providing health care for all children is that more crimes against children would be discovered.

This might even help to expose child molesters and organizations that harbor child molesters like Worthington Christian Schools (WCS) and Grace Brethren Church (GBC) as described at
Obviously, laws also need to be enforced in regard to those serious crimes against children and consumers too: 10-year Conspiracy of Child Endangerment, Criminal Negligence, Deception, Fraud, and Cover-Ups.
Those people need to be put in prison because they are truly a danger to society! Not to mention a repulsive example to children on how to treat your business customers and fellow man!